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The St. Paul’s GreenTeam is an action-oriented group of students who are passionate about creating positive socio-ecological change on the community level through various projects, campaigns, and events. The GreenTeam is composed of upper-year and first-year executives, as well as general members who attend bi-weekly meetings throughout the year. This group provides a great opportunity to engage your passion and shape the world through a bottom-up approach.


  • Organize and lead GreenTeam meetings with the other co-chair
  • Guide discussion and campaign planning to ensure project goals are being met
  • Meet with Community Coordinator to discuss team progress once every 3 weeks

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Act as Secretary for GreenTeam meetings
  • Connect and communicate with general members on a regular basis through email and personal communication
  • Delegate tasks and guide team members in event planning and execution

Apply to either of the above GreenTeam executive roles.

General Member

  • Promote GreenTeam events to the residence community
  • Represent GreenTeam through daily environmental stewardship and encouraging others to do the same
  • Assist in the planning and execution of events as assigned by the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Participate in discussions and develop ideas for the implementation of GreenTeam projects

General member sign-up with be available during the first week of classes.