Spring 2021 Social Impact Showcase

Spring 2021 Social Impact Showcase

Congratulations to our Winners! 

Watch this term's winning pitches

  • BebahaA platform where women feel comfortable discussing their health problems without needing to worry about their privacy and facing the fear of judgement
  • BioCycleCollecting and biodegrading single-use menstrual products
  • DecompA biotechnology startup providing a better solution for plastic waste pollution
  • KelphAn inland kelp farming system that enables kelp farming all year round
  • MentalEDCreating a comprehensive mental health education for Canadian youth
  • Warrior KidzPartnering with myTurn and Waterloo Public Library for more intuitive database management & better community outreach for KidsAbility - an organization committed to providing rehabilitation services for differently abled children

People's Choice Winner

Congratulations to Bebaha Virtual Healthcare for winning an additional $1,000! 

PEople's choice winner, Rashi Jaising. Venture is Bebaha Virtual HEalthcare.

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