New policies for transferring to and from the Computing and Financial Management program

New for CFM students admitted in Fall 2022 and after
There is a new process to transfer into Computer Science. CFM students will need to submit an online application for transfer and will be evaluated separately from other programs. The competitiveness of such transfers will vary from year to year; however, it is anticipated that required averages will be greater than the minimum admission requirements.

New for all CFM students
The requirement to write the AFM Admissions Assessment (AFMAA) to transfer into the AFM program has now been waived for CFM students. Please contact the CFM program manager to discuss.

New for all non-CFM students
Transfer candidates into the program must fill out a new request form. We take a holistic approach in evaluating transfers into our program. In addition to rigorous academic standards, this form will allow students the opportunity to highlight their interests in pursuing a CFM degree.

For more information about transferring, please visit Transferring to Computing and Financial Management.