Student Association for Graduates in English

SAGE 2019-20 Executive:

Co-President: Vanya Gnaniah (

Co-President: Jennifer Rickert (

Internal Communications Officer: Ayesha Altaher (

External Communications Officer: Jessica Van De Kemp (

Treasurer: Chris Giannakopoulos (

GSA Representative: Valerie Uher (

Equity Liaison: Melissa Johnson (

Social Coordinator: Elianne George El-Amyouni (

Continuing PhD Representative: Chris Cameron (

International Students Representative: Diana Moreno Ojeda (

Member-at-Large: Tabinda Khan (

Member-at-Large: Ashley Irwin (

Member-at-Large: AC Atienza (

Member-at-Large: Sally Beresford (

For descriptions of SAGE Executive responsibilities and positions, please visit our constitution.

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Current graduate students can also request to join the closed UW English Grad Students facebook group by contacting any member of the SAGE executive.