Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2019!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Photo of group of UWaterloo English PhDs (names are in article below).

Congratulations to all our new Waterloo English graduates! Here is the Waterloo English class of 2019:

Doctor of Philosophy

Lacey Beer
Tongues Tide: Translingual Directions for Technologically-Mediated Composing Platforms (Supervisor: Frances Condon)

Clare Bermingham (University Finalist for the Governor General's Gold Medal)
Feeling Queer Together: Identity, Community, and the Work of Affect in the Pre-Stonewall Lesbian Magazine, The Ladder (Supervisor: Victoria Lamont)

Morteza Dehghani
“In Works of Hands or of the Wits of Men”: The Elegies of Wim Wenders, Laurie Anderson and Alexander Sokurov (Co-supervisors: Kevin McGuirk & Alice Kuzniar)

Amna Haider 
A Transmogrifying Discourse of Sexual Violence: Resisting, Redressing, and Re-writing Racial Scripts in Contemporary African American Women's Theatre (Co-supervisors: Frances Condon & Vershawn Young)

Philip Miletic
Only Connect: The Virtual Communities of Gertrude Stein and David Foster Wallace (Supervisor: Aimée Morrison)

Dhruba Neupane 
Plurality, promises and practice: A case of Nepali immigrants’ transliterating and translanguaging in Canada (Supervisor: Jay Dolmage)

Master of Arts

Emily Acton (RCD Coop - coursework)

Alexandra Barnard (XDM - coursework)

Cherise Carlaw (RCD Coop - coursework)

Suzanne Heeg (RCD Coop – coursework)

John Connor Kelly (RCD Coop - coursework)

Andrew Myles (XDM Coop - MRP): "A Program for Posthuman Fitness," supervisor Marcel O’Gorman

Jesse Russell (LIT - Coursework)

Katherine Tu (RCD - MRP): “Collocation of Rhetorical Figures in Prototypical Rhetorical Figure Examples,” supervisor Randy Harris

Alex Zima (RCD - MRP): “The Toxic Sophists of Antiquity: an Analysis of the Rhetoric of Trolling and Trolls,” supervisor Beth Coleman

Bachelor of Arts, English

Susana Alejandra Alfaro Argumedo

Humbert John Paolo Arroyo

Amanda Baker

Maliyah Shanelle Bernard

Meghan Alexandria Bradley

Adrienne Yolande Caterina Bruno

Laura Melina Burjoski

Taylor Mary-Lynn Canning

Alexandra Carruthers

Bernice Hiu-Nam Chan

Esraa Chleilat

Kirk Ciolfi

Oriana Ida Marie Confente

Aaron Spencer Cornies

Christine Cote

Monique Huy Dang

Mihan Hasan Davar

Vasile Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Ariel Alexandra Quehl Fullerton

Emily Frances Gain

Priya Kaur Gill

Danielle Bisnar Griffin

Aldijana Halilagic

Rachel Isabelle Hammermueller

Tausha Nicole Hanna

Galen Naidoo Harris

Alysha Marree Hills

Daniel Geoffrey Jewson

Michelle Sze Yan Lam

Alicia Maxine Latimer

Kianna Nicole Malleck

Ayesha Masood

Christine Marie Masterman

Eden Arlene McFarlane

Samantha Grace Mills

Maya Mousa

Amy Ngo

Agata Natalia Nowak

Larissa Dos Santos Oliveira

Paulina Marlena Pietrzyk

Laine Lawrence Pitters

Danielle Lynn Poirier

Ashton Prior

Nadine Victoria Proctor

Neha Krishna Ravella

Emily Grace Schmidt

Anneke Lynn Sears-Stryker

Daniel Shamess

Amy Sigvaldason

Matthew Dunn Skidmore

Kate Stericker

Arthur John Tinholt

Sarah Louise Welton

Ruoxuan Xu

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