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Photo of Kevin McGuirk.PhD, Western Ontario
MA, Windsor
BA, Cornell

Extension: 32419
Office: HH 263


I grew up in the Toronto suburbs playing a lot of soccer and reading a lot of fiction.

Selected publications

“’Near enough/ to be knowingly away’: Cornell ’69 and the Ammons Poetic.” Under Review.

“’The apple an apple’: Ammons, Bloom, and ‘the Ten Thousand Things’ – with Emerson and Lao Tzu.” Journal of Modern Literature. Forthcoming.

Editor, with Victoria Lamont. “Culture and the Economization of Everything.” Canadian Review of American Studies. Special issue, 2017.

An Image for Longing: Selected Letters and Journals of A.R. Ammons, 1951-1974, edited by Kevin McGuirk, ELS Editions, 2013.

“Ammons in Correspondence.” Chicago Review 57: 1/2 (Autumn 2012): 167-72.

"'no arranged terror': Ammons After the New Americanists.” Special Issue: Transnational American Studies—For What? Comparative American Studies 6.1 (2008): 71-84.

"'Disremembering, Dismembered': Poetics, and the Oral Histories of the Vietnam War." Soldier Talk: The Vietnam War in Oral Narrative. Eds. Paul Budra and Michael Zeitlin. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2004. 62-88.

"'All wi doin’”: Linton Kwesi Johnson, Tony Harrison, and the Cultural Work of Lyric in Postwar Britain.” New Definitions of Lyric: Theory, Technology, Culture. Ed. Mark Jeffreys. New York: Garland, 1998. 49-75.

Fellowships & Awards

  • Fulbright Award, 2002-2003
  • SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 1994-1996

Current research

I’ve given most of my attention to the adventurous tradition in American poetry, spending much more time than I ever intended on the major-minor poet, A.R Ammons. But Ammons’s work has allowed me to think about a lot of different things, including postmodern poetics, “the Sixties,” cultural studies of space, Daoism and poetry, literary friendship, the poet’s career, and the photograph of the planet taken in 1967 by NASA scientists. Along the way I’ve taught courses in Fiction and Film, American Fiction, and, recently, Thing Theory and Sound Studies. Teaching has brought me back to narrative, sound, and the novel. I expect to devote research energy there for the next several years.

Areas of graduate supervision

I can supervise theses in American literature and culture, especially postwar poetry and fiction My recent and upcoming graduate courses give some idea of the range of my interests: Outside Poetry (on non-literary poetics); Modernism and the Short Poem; Thing Theory and American Literature; Art and Persuasion; Sound and Ethos in American Fiction.

University of Waterloo

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YouTube video featuring Kevin McGuirk on A.R. Ammons

Kevin McGuirk on A.R. Ammons