Photo of Morteza Dehghani.MA, English Literature, Shahid Beheshti University
PhD, University of Waterloo

Email: morteza.dehghani@uwaterloo.ca


I was born close to date palm trees and marshlands and rivers and rolling hills. Then I grew up by mountains and citrus trees. Maybe moving, being on the road right from the beginning, being dis- or mis-placed every few years explains why I decided to study literature, whether in a temporary camp which turned out to be a home during the war and after that when I was growing up or later when I did degrees in English in different cities. And maybe all this explains why I write. Fast forward; I finished my studies at the University of Waterloo, writing a dissertation on poetry and art nonfiction film to explore concepts of loss and consolation.

Among the courses I have taught are the following:

  • Children’s Literature (English)
  • The Rebel (English)
  • Creative Writing I: Poetry and the Short Story (English)
  • Creative Writing I: Poetry, Aphorism, Poetic Translation (English)
  • Poetry: Source of Knowledge? (Arts First)
  • Poetry Appreciation and Expression (Arts First)
  • Why DO We Tell Stories? (Arts First)
  • Topics in Creative Writing: Decreation and Ekphrasis (English).

Current Research

Poetry and knowing, Poetry and politics, lyric poetry, poetic and iterative translation. My work always returns to poetry; I’ve recently finished two poetry collections and am looking for a publisher, and am currently translating a book on poetic modernism in the Middle East.  

Research Interests

Poetry and poetics, especially 20th and 21st centuries, creative writing in particular poetry, poetic translation, world cinemas, particularly the European and Japanese film, visual arts and literature, continental philosophy and cultural history.

University of Waterloo

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