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The Master of Arts in Experimental Digital Media (MA-XDM) is dedicated to exploring the creative and critical processes provided by digital media. The XDM program emphasizes a lab-based, hands-on approach to digital technology. Students in the program learn to use digital media as a critical tool, combining theory and practice in the production of objects-to-think-with. The program's rich mix of theoretical and practical study prepares graduates for a variety of careers in media industries, as well as in digital/social media positions within more traditional fields—private industry, government, educational organizations, and non-governmental organizations. Other students go on to doctoral programs, taking the creative methods and theories of the XDM program with them to craft innovative PhD projects.

The MA-XDM can also be taken in the co-op stream.

Program Locations

The MA-XDM program operates out of the English Department's Critical Media Lab in the Communitech Hub in downtown Kitchener, a centre for, among other things, the experimental production of digital objects and exhibitions. Students, faculty, and local digital artists interact in the Critical Media Lab in a number of ways:

  • XDM courses are frequently held in the lab, entirely or in part.
  • Project teams meet in the lab to use the equipment and engage other lab researchers. 
  • Researchers from English and other disciplines, including visiting researchers, are around for informal and formal consultation and brainstorming.

Some courses are also held at the main University of Waterloo campus in Waterloo.

Full program information and regulations are available in the Graduate Calendar. Admission requirements and the application process can be accessed through Discover Graduate Studies. MA XDM specific requirements can be tracked with the help of our department checklists.

Learn about Omar's experience in UWaterloo English's Experimental Digital Media MA program, as well as his research on human-computer interaction and its impact on interpersonal relationships.

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An exciting amalgam of coursework, co-op, research, thinkering, and innovation.

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Exceptional instructors at the cutting edge of their fields.

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Affiliated Projects

A broad array of affiliated research institutes and projects that you can plug into.