Assistant Professor

PhD, McMasterProfessor Vinh Nguyen
MA, McMaster
BA, Calgary

Office: REN 0219


My teaching and research interests are in the areas of Asian diasporic literatures and cultures, critical refugee studies, auto/biography, film, critical race theory, and global Anglophone literature. At the University of Waterloo, I regularly teach Global Literatures, Literatures of Migration, The Use of English, Fiction, and Global Asian Diaspora. I’m currently working on two projects. The first examines the concept of refuge through the lens of affect and embodiment. The second investigates “refugee solidarities,” or how and why former refugees advocate for, stand in solidarity with, and come to the aid of, those who seek asylum in the global north.

Selected publications

“Commemorating Freedom: The 40th Anniversary of the ‘Fall of Saigon’ in Canada” Canadian Review of American Studies [forthcoming]

“A Journey To Freedom: Human Rights Discourse and Refugee Memory” The Subject(s) of Human Rights: Critical Asian and Comparative Asian American Studies Eds. Cathy Schlund-Vials, Guy Beauregard, and Hsiu-chuan Lee. Philadelphia: Temple UP [forthcoming]

“Vietnamese Canadian Refugee Aesthetics.” The Oxford Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature and Culture. Ed. Josephine Lee, Floyd Cheung, Jennifer Ho, Anita Mannur, and Cathy Schlund-Vials. Oxford UP [forthcoming]

“Queer Intimacy and the Impasse: Reconsidering My Beautiful Laundrette.” ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature 48.2 (2017): 155-66.

“Refugeography in ‘Post-Racial’ America: Bao Phi’s Activist Poetry.” MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States 41.3 (2016): 171-93. (Editor’s Choice)

“Ann Hui’s Boat People: Documenting Vietnamese Refugees in Hong Kong.” Looking Back on the Vietnam War: Twenty-First Century Perspectives. Eds. Brenda M. Boyle and Jeehyun Lim. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers UP, 2016. 94-109.

“Nước/Water: Oceanic Spatiality and the Vietnamese Diaspora.” Migration by Boat: discourses of trauma, exclusion, and survival. Ed. Lynda Mannik. New York: Berghahn Books, 2016. 65-79.

“Mẹ-search, Hauntings, and Critical Distance.” Life Writing 12.4 (2015): 467-77.

“Refugee Gratitude: Narrating Success and Intersubjectivity in Kim Thúy’s Ru.” Canadian Literature 219 (2013): 17-36.

Fellowships and awards

  • John C. Polanyi Prize for Literature
  • University of Waterloo SSHRC Seed Grant
  • Sir James Lougheed Award of Distinction
  • SSHRC Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
  • Harry Lyman Hooker Doctoral Fellowship

Areas of graduate supervision

  • Asian Diaspora Literatures and Cultures
  • War, Refugee, and Migration Studies
  • Affect theory
  • Cultural Studies
University of Waterloo

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