XDM Testimonials


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Photo of Adam Bradley
The XDM program allowed me to pursue graduate studies in a way I never thought possible. The program’s focus on “thinking through critical objects” creates unique opportunities for both theoretical and practical investigations rarely seen in post-graduate humanities work. For my Master’s project I created an interactive visualization for literature and worked alongside both English scholars and engineers developing the project. The program provides the freedom to cross intellectual boundaries and the XDM classes specifically ask students to interact with digital media in new and exciting ways. I am currently in the fourth year of a combined PhD program in English Language and Literature and Systems Design Engineering. Pursuing this intellectual path would not have been possible without my experiences in the XDM program at Waterloo.

– Adam Bradley

Photo of Scott Kobewka
Working with the Critical Media Lab during my MA, I was able to develop a thesis project that spanned from rhetorical analysis to collaborations with local arts and advocacy organizations. At the beginning of this project, I had an academic background in English Language and Literature and experience in business as well as freelance writing. Through the work I did while attending UWaterloo, and in partnership with the Critical Media Lab, I was challenged to learn computer programming languages and interface design. Since graduating, I have collaborated with artists, urban planers, and researchers in psychology and chemistry to create artworks that explore our experiences of urban environments.

– Scott Kobewka