Alumni donor supports Environment student-athletes

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

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Photo of Aiden, Karen, Reka, Derek, Luke and Lana

Environment student-athletes, Aiden, Karen, Reka, and Luke got to meet lead alumni donor, Derek Coleman, who recently made a generous commitment in support of the Environment Student-Athlete Award. The award recognizes students who through the pursuit of both sports and studies, become resilient leaders and problem solvers with an awareness of social and sustainability issues.

Derek's gift will ensure that one environment student-athlete will be recognized each year, in perpetuity. Thank you Derek for celebrating student-athletes!

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It’s hard to believe our three-day Faculty of Environment celebration, ENVigorate, has wrapped up. With a variety of hands-on workshops and presentations given by Environment faculty members, students, and Waterloo Region community members, we came together as a community to learn about sustainability, climate activism, and other fun and important skills. Some of the highlights included the student-run Swap Shop and Student Showcase; events that are favourites among the festival fan-base.