Environment professor is awarded University Research Chair

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

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Simron Singh

Congratulations to Professor Simron Singh who has been awarded a University Research Chair (URC) in recognition of his significant contributions as an industrial ecologist in the area of socio-metabolic research on small islands. 

The Metabolism of Islands research program led by Dr. Singh supports policy-development focused on helping island economies achieve resource security and build resilience in the face of climate change.  

“Despite contributing less than 1 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, island nations are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change,” says Bruce Frayne, dean of the Faculty of Environment. “Professor Singh’s research is crucial to addressing these impacts, as well as the inherent inequity.” 

During his term as University Research Chair, Professor Singh’s goal is to revolutionize island sustainability scholarship and advance climate adaptation science. He says that the key to this work is partnerships. “Tackling island sustainability cannot be done alone – the URC will enable me to deepen international partnerships and foster a community of stakeholders that collaborates on innovative solutions.” 

The URC designation recognizes exceptional achievement and pre-eminence as a researcher in the individual’s field, and allows the faculty member to devote additional time and resources to their research. At most five appointments are made each year. With Professor Singh’s appointment, the Faculty of Environment has five URCs, in addition to eight Canada Research Chairs. Learn more about Environment researchers, their projects and accomplishments. 

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In line with Environment’s strong commitment to teaching excellence, the Faculty of Environment is pleased to announce the creation of a new position, Associate Dean, Teaching and the appointment of Dr. Christine Barbeau to this role.