Academic integrity

How do I find information on what constitutes academic integrity?

What do I do if I have been accused of an academic integrity violation?

Links Who to contact

Policy 71 - Student Discipline

Academic Misconduct

Faculty Undergraduate Operations Manager
Carol Knipe

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Johanna Wandel

WUSC: Centre for Academic Policy Support

How can I develop my academic integrity skills?

  • The Referencing and Research Skills page and Integrity for Students section of the Office of Academic Integrity’s website
  • Say It in Your Own Words: Paraphrase & Summary for Undergraduate Students” workshop in LEARN
    Register for "WCC Workshops", which can be found under the "self-registration" tab in LEARN. The goals of the workshop are to help students understand why citation is necessary, strategies for doing it properly, and the chance to practice with feedback.
  • Undergraduate Academic Integrity Module