Waterloo offers faculty in the professorial ranks a few options for sabbaticals, including a six-month pre-tenure sabbatical. 

What you need to know about sabbaticals at Waterloo

  • You have a right to your sabbatical, but you have to apply. Your dean’s decision will take into account the timing of your sabbatical and those of your colleagues.

  • You are eligible to apply for a regular sabbatical after six years, full-time, in the professorial ranks (including 12 terms of teaching). You can either take 12 months at 85% of your salary, or six months at 100% of your salary.

    • Alternatively, you can apply for an “early” sabbatical after three years. This is a six-month sabbatical at 85% of your salary.

    • New probationary faculty are eligible for a pre-tenure sabbatical after three years. This is a six-month sabbatical at full pay.

  • You can defer your sabbatical and continue accruing sabbatical credit for up to three years. You can then use this credit to top up your salary on a one-year sabbatical. For example, an additional 22 months' credit will bring your salary up to 100% during a 12-month leave.
  • Alternatively, you can apply this additional credit to a future sabbatical. You can carry forward unused credit for three years.
  • Your benefits and pension contributions continue during your sabbatical.

  • You should register with Waterloo International if you’re travelling.

Here's a summary of the service required and salary options for all four types of sabbaticals:

  Regular 6 months Regular 12 months Early 6 months Pre-tenure 6 months
Years of service required 6 6 3 3
Salary paid 100% 85% 85% 100%
Eligible for salary top-up from extra service credit* n/a Yes No n/a
Eligible for salary top-up from extra admin credit** n/a Yes Yes n/a

*See the Sabbatical Salary Enhancement Table (PDF) for details.
**You get admin credit at the level of chair, associate dean, or higher. 

Where to find information about sabbaticals at Waterloo

Key resources

If you’re planning to travel

Other resources

The Faculty of Environment’s sabbatical application procedure is online (let us know if you find the equivalent for your Faculty!)

You and/or your family might find Nancy Matthews’ book, Sabbaticals 101: A Practical Guide for Academics and Their Families, a useful resource in preparing for your sabbatical. It is available at the University Library.