Sabbatical leaves

View Policy 3 - Sabbatical and Other Leaves for Faculty Members

Benefits information for faculty going on sabbatical leaves

During your leave, it is University Policy that you continue to be covered by the benefits program of the University of Waterloo for the same benefits for which you are now covered.

Full or Reduced Salary Implications:

  • If you will be receiving your full salary during your absence, the usual benefits deductions will be made, including pension contributions.
  • If you will be receiving reduced income during your sabbatical, the usual benefits deductions will be made based on your nominal salary (i.e. full time annual salary).

You may elect to have your pension contributions deducted based on your reduced salary however, this choice will result in lower pensionable service earned during your sabbatical leave. Waterloo’s Pension Plandoes notpermit buyback of lost pensionable service and your pension at retirement will be reduced by the loss of service.

If you want to have your pension contributions based on your reduced salary during your sabbatical leave, please contact the pension team.

You may be spending time outside of Ontario during this period. The GreenShield Travel Assistance is available to you and each eligible member of your family for emergency medical care.  

Important information

During your sabbatical, you continue to be eligible for the benefits program (including pension) with no change in your coverage or deduction amount/contribution amounts, contingent on maintaining your provincial healthcare coverage.

If you will be residing internationally during your sabbatical, your healthcare benefits coverage provides treatment required due to a medical emergency as well as additional required care to medically manage the emergency. Depending on the severity, for example, where the situation is critical or rehabilitation or ongoing care is necessary, GreenShield Travel Assistance will determine if repatriation to Canada is required. To ensure this additional follow up care coverage is in effect, it is your responsibility to notify the benefits provider of the period of time that you will be residing internationally prior to your departure from Ontario. Send an email to GreenShield at and include your name, member ID number (i.e. WTL plus your Employee ID number), as well as your approved sabbatical start and end date.

If you will be outside of Ontario for more than 212 consecutive calendar days (seven months), you must advise the local Ontario Ministry of Health office in person, before you leave, to make sure your provincial healthcare coverage (i.e., OHIP) stays active. It is your responsibility to provide proof of this provincial healthcare extension to GreenShield at along with your name and member ID number (i.e. WTL plus your Employee ID number).

GreenShield should be contacted before receiving medical treatment using the contact numbers printed on the reverse of your benefit card (Toll free in Canada and USA 1-800-936-6226 or collect in other countries 0-519-742-3556). Be sure to inform the insurer that you are on a sabbatical leave. Our insurer will ensure you are receiving appropriate care, arrange direct payment of the expenses where accepted by the provider.