Out of country coverage

There are two components to this coverage: Emergency and Non-emergency Care 

Emergency Care. Coverage for acute treatment of an emergency episode only; any ongoing treatment of that condition is not covered as the individual would be expected to return to Canada*. The intent of emergency out-of-country coverage is to stabilize the individual to allow for their return. From the earache example in the non-emergency care section, initial treatment of the earache would be covered under the emergency out-of-country benefit, but if any follow-up were needed after the fact, the follow up visit would not be covered under emergency care.  

*Exception applies for international sabbaticals  

Non-Emergency Care. Eligible products/services rendered outside of Canada as though they were incurred within Canada. For example, if an employee is travelling with their family and their child gets an earache, any prescription drugs to treat the earache would be covered under the regular benefit as though they were in Canada. Likewise, if someone is travelling and they receive a massage while on vacation, that expense will be eligible – subject to regular parameters of the plan and paid as though the claim were incurred in Canada.  

The following information pertains to the Emergency Care: 

An important and valued feature of the extended health benefit is the GreenShield deluxe travel benefit which covers 100% of medically necessary services or supplies required as a result of a medical emergency, up to $5,000,000 (Canadian) per lifetime per covered person. 

This Travel benefit is an emergency medical benefit only and provides coverage while you are temporarily outside of your regular province/territory of residence for vacation, education, or business reasons. It does not cover any non-emergency, elective, cosmetic, or experimental treatment, surgery, procedure, or any other service a covered person chooses to have performed outside of their home province/territory whether pre-planned or not. 

Emergency means a sudden, unexpected injury, illness, or acute episode of disease that requires immediate medical attention and could not have been reasonably anticipated based upon the person's prior medical condition. If a covered person has been diagnosed with a medical condition or is working with a medical professional to explore a current health condition, sometimes called a “pre-existing” medical condition, it’s a requirement that the condition is considered stable if any travel is planned. An emergency no longer exists when the evidence reviewed by GreenShield Travel Assistance indicates that no further Treatment is required at destination, or you are able to return to your province/territory of residence for further Treatment. If GreenShield Travel Assistance determines that you transfer to another facility or return to your home province/territory of residence, and you choose not to, the benefits will not be paid for further medical treatment and coverage will be limited for unrelated events. 

Emergency excludes treatment of a pre-existing condition that was not completely stable for the 90-day period immediately preceding the covered person’s departure. 

How to contact GreenShield Travel Assistance 

Services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including holidays, through GreenShield's international medical service organization CanAssistance. Please refer to CanAssist plan member fact sheet or the GreenShield benefit booklet for more information about coverage details. 

For assistance dial 1.800.936.6226 within Canada and the United States or call collect: operator+519.742.3556 when traveling outside Canada and the United States. It is recommended that you contact GreenShield Travel Assistance before seeking medical treatment. These contact numbers appear on the back of your GreenShield Benefit ID Card.

A family member or companion can contact GreenShield Travel Assistance on your behalf to open a case. You can also call these numbers for pre-trip assistance prior to leaving your province of residence.

When contacting GreenShield Travel Assistance, quote your GreenShield ID number, found on the front of your GreenShield benefit ID card, and explain your medical emergency. If your emergency does not require immediate urgent medical assistance, contact GreenShield Travel Assistance to open a case prior to seeking medical treatment. You must always be able to provide your GreenShield Benefit ID number and your provincial/territorial health insurance plan number. 

When calling collect while travelling outside Canada and the United States, you may require a Canada Direct Calling Code. In the event that a collect call is not possible, keep your receipts for phone calls made to GreenShield Travel Assistance and submit them for reimbursement upon your return to Canada. 

For more information regarding this benefit, please refer to:

  • The CanAssist plan member fact sheet to review GreenShield's Travel Benefit FAQ
  • your GreenShield benefit booklet found on your GSC Everywhere account or
  • by contacting GreenShield at 1-888-711-1119

Travelling to Cuba?

If you or any covered dependents are traveling to Cuba, you may need to provide proof of medical coverage from the University. Proof of health insurance may be:

  • your GreenShield benefits ID card
  • an insurance policy
  • an insurance certificate
  • a medical assistance card (photocopies are accepted)

For more information please visit the Government of Canada's website for entry/exit requirements to Cuba.