Grand Prize Winners Announced for Terrorarium Level-Building Contest

Monday, July 20, 2020
June 30, 2020 — Stitch Media announced the grand prize winners of the "Inaugural Intergalactic Murder Gardening Contest", otherwise known as a level-building contest for their 3D action-platformer Terrorarium.
The contest was designed to recognize talented game design students and recent graduates by giving them an opportunity to increase their design portfolios and receive feedback from industry members. The main criteria for creating the "murder-gardens" was to embody the destructive spirit of the game, while also motivating players to finish the level and want to replay it. The contest was judged by an independent panel of industry professionals.
The winner received a cash scholarship of $2,000 CAD and will have their level featured in Terrorarium. The top 5 finalists will have their levels including in the commercial release of the game, a design credit, a Nintendo console, and a copy of Terrorarium. 25 additionally selected participants will have their level promoted in Terrorarium and given official game design credits. All these winners will receive personalized feedback from experts in the game sector.
Terrorarium is a collaborative effort between Stitch Media and the Games Institute at the University of Waterloo. The project began as a brainstorming session between Stitch studio founder Evan Jones, studio director Wayne Shipley and game designer and GI alumn, Adam Bradley. Bradley, along with other GI alumn, Judy Ehrentraut, and Michael Hancock, collaborated with Stitch Media via a Mitacs partnership to help with the conception and design of Terrorarium. Read more about their collaboration here.