Terrorarium early access trailer by Stitch Media and GI Members

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Watch the early assess trailer for March 2019 game Terrorarium by Stitch Media, a media development company based in Toronto. Games Institute members Adam Bradley, Michael Hancock, and Judy Ehrentraut collaborated with Stitch Media on Terrorarium through Mitacs partnerships.

Adam Bradley received a combined PhD in English and Systems Design Engineering at UW and is now working as a Research Scientist in the Visualization for Information Analysis Lab at UOIT. Adam was the game designer and in charge of research for Terrorarium. This is Bradley's second collaboration with Stitch Media - his first was the 2014 mobile game Rival Books of Aster.

Michael Hancock received his English PhD from the University of Waterloo and is now working as a sessional instructor in UW's English Department. Hancock worked on background research for Terrorarium, ranging from the parental habits of hive mind insects to the grooming of carnivorous plants.

Judy Ehrentraut is a Virtual and Augmented Reality consultant and an English PhD candidate at UW. Ehrentraut participated in the research and development for Terrorarium.

Terrorarium is a game of wanton destruction and adorable gore in player-made murder gardens. Our early-access Maker Mode builds deadly levels filled with lava pits to murderous plants that you can share to kill untold numbers of cute little Moogu. You play as a space granny, obsessed with winning the blue ribbon from the Intergalactic Horrorcultural Society.

- Stitch Media from the Terrorarium Press Kit

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