Tips for hiring co-op students with disabilities

Top 5 tips for hiring and supervising co-op students with disabilities

It's not hard, expensive or time-intensive. Practicing accessible hiring and creating an accessible workplace simply means removing barriers to find the best candidates.

1. Adopt and promote inclusive language in all materials 

  • It's not just about the actions you take to build an accessible workplace. Words are just as important. Learn how you can integrate inclusive language in your hiring process and supervising strategies.

  • When in doubt, respectfully ask your candidate what language they prefer

2. Post your position with inclusivity in mind

3. Host an Employer Info Session (EIS) to promote the opportunity

4. Conduct your interviews with universal design in mind

5. Accommodating students with disabilities in the workplace

Workplace accommodations vary depending on each situation. It’s important to learn about accommodations and speak with your employees about what they need to meaningfully participate while respecting the right to privacy.

Co-op students registered with the University of Waterloo's AccessAbility Services can arrange to meet with an accommodation consultant to discuss what might need to go into their accommodation plan. This way, students can bring specialized insight and confidence to conversations you'll have about accommodations.

Some frequent and easy to implement accommodations include:

Most accommodations are inexpensive and easy to implement. With available funding opportunities, any accommodation costs are easily offset.

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