2021 CEE Employer Impact Award recipients

Congratulations to our Co-operative and Experiential Education (CEE) Employer Impact Award recipients and honourable mentions. Get to know all the award recipients and learn more about their impactful work.

Impact in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Lumentum

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Lumentum delivers innovative photonics to accelerate the speed and scale of cloud, networking, advanced manufacturing, and 3D sensing applications.

As the recipient of the 2021 Impact in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, the company has worked to advance programs, policies and processes that foster an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace. They have achieved this by forming a Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Council, participating in pay equity reviews to ensure equal pay for equal work and amending hiring practices and job descriptions to encourage diverse applicants.

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Impact in Innovation: Martinrea International

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Martinrea International (Martinrea) is a global leader in the design, development and production of lightweight structures and propulsion systems that address the automotive industry’s current and future solutions.

As the recipient of the 2021 Impact on Innovation, Martinrea offers opportunities for students to align their academic learning with related work experiences. These include offering opportunities to take initiative, lead teams and manage projects and encouraging students to participate in the hiring process for new co-op students.

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Impact in International Excellence: The Argus Group

Glass trophy in the shape of a diamond with the Argus logo beside it

The Argus Group is a multi-line insurance and financial services organization offering a full range of insurance, pensions and investment products targeted at local and international organizations and individuals.

As the recipient of the 2021 Impact in International Excellence, The Argus Group has created an impactful workplace by conducting a thorough onboarding of students. The company provides students with challenging and meaningful work that contributes to the growth and strategic priorities of the company and prioritizes students personal learning and development goals

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Impact in Research: Fabrik Architects

Glass trophy in the shape of a diamond with the fabrik logo beside it

Fabrik Architects is a design firm focused on creating meaningful, sustainable design solutions that express each client's unique vision and values.

As the 2021 Impact in Research recipient, Fabrik Architects has provided students with opportunities to conduct meaningful research in their field. They have achieved this by giving co-op students the autonomy to expand their knowledge and by fostering a work environment that gives students the same responsibilities as full-time employees. They have also provided students with sufficient resources to succeed in their research and analyses of projects.

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Impact in Sustainability: The Regional Municipality of York

Diamond shaped glass trophy with the york region logo beside it

The Regional Municipality of York (York Region) is a regional municipality in Southern Ontario, Canada, between Lake Simcoe and Toronto.

As the recipient of the 2021 Impact in Sustainability, York Region demonstrates a strong passion for offering work opportunities that focus on building a better world for people and the planet. They do this by working with students to set goals and milestones that are both achievable and challenging and supporting programs that better the community.

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Impact on Student Experience: Hypotenuse Labs

Diamond shaped glass trophy with Hypotenuse labs logo beside it

Hypotenuse Labs, a software consultancy company, builds web, AI, and blockchain products for early-stage startups.

The company has received the 2021 Impact on Student Experience award because they create a positive environment that helps students to develop their skills and build relationships with colleagues. They also help students to prepare for the future of work by involving them in client projects, pairing them with mentors and creative positive work experiences with flexible work options.

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Honourable Mentions

AMEX logoAmerican Express Canada
Impact in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

TribalScale logoTribalScale
Impact in Innovation

NERv logoNERv Technology inc.
Impact in Research


Impact in Sustainability

Manulife logoManulife
Impact on Student Experience


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A message of congratulations from the Associate Provost

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“Our award recipients are employers who go above and beyond simply providing jobs to students to gain experience. They focus on providing quality experiences that allow students to see themselves within the larger picture of the organization. In doing so, they help students understand how their contributions make fundamental changes. This helps students to build a strong sense of purpose.”

Norah McRae
Associate Provost, Co-operative and Experiential Education

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