Waterloo students on a co-op work term.

To hire a student for these work terms: Post your job during this time: Interview your candidates during this time:
Fall 2022 (September 6 - December 23, 2022) May - August 2022 June - August 2022
Winter 2022 (January 4 - April 22, 2022) September - December 2021 October - December 2021
Spring 2022 (May 2 - August 19, 2022) January - April 2022 February - April 2022

Recruitment updates due to COVID-19

All interviews will take place remotely until further notice.

To ensure the safety of all students and employers, and limit the spread of COVID-19, all interviews will be held via Skype, webcam or phone.

Reach out to your account manager (for existing employers), or hire.talent@uwaterloo.ca (for new employers), if you have any questions about this process.

We have made other changes and created new flexibilities for the 2021 work terms so you can easily bring co-op talent to your organization.

If you are looking to post a job and interview candidates outside of the timelines above, please reach out to us directly!