Interview cycles and methods

Recruitment updates due to COVID-19

All interviews will take place remotely until further notice.

To ensure the safety of all students and employers, and limit the spread of COVID-19, all interviews will be held online or by phone.

Reach out to your account manager (for existing employers), or (for new employers), if you have any questions about this process.

Interviews are scheduled via WaterlooWorks, but you will connect with the student directly via phone or email. See more details below:

Phone: Call each student directly during their scheduled interview time slot via the phone number provided on your interview schedule.

Webcam: You will need to provide each student with a link and any necessary instructions prior to their scheduled interview time slot. Please contact them directly via their email address provided on your interview schedule the day before to discuss setting up a webcam interview.

• Have questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic affects you as an employer? Read our Frequently Asked Questions about co-op for employers for current information on this situation.
• Wondering how to manage co-op students working remotely?  We've connected with co-op employers and students to collect best practices to help transition your co-op students to work from home.

Three ways to interview your candidates

In order to allow employers and students some flexibility, there are three ways that you can interview Waterloo students:

  1. Individual in-person interviews: (All interviews will take place remotely until further notice.)
    1. Find out about each student on a more personal level. You have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify qualifications of the candidates. You can determine more effectively which student may be right for you.
    2. These occur at the Tatham Centre on Waterloo's campus (check out the Recruiting dates page for the dates and time we host interviews).
  2. Group interviews: (All interviews will take place remotely until further notice.)
    1. Save time by explaining job details such as duties, responsibilities, location, salary, and other organizational information to all interviewees in one sitting.
    2. These occur at the Tatham Centre on Waterloo's campus (check out the Recruiting dates page for the dates and time we host interviews)
  3. Remote interviews via telephone or Skype for Business: (All interviews will take place remotely until further notice.)
    1. If conducting in-person interviews on-site at our facility is a challenge to you, we give employers the possibility of conducting interviews over telephone and/or Skype for Business.
    2. The telephone and Skype interview services are available to conduct interviews between 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET. To use our webcam/Skype for Business services, you will need a webcam along with Skype for Business or a Windows Live Messenger account.
    3. When you provide your job description using our job registration form, you can let us know of your desired interview type (telephone or webcam) and your preferred interview date, so that we can reserve the equipment at this end on your preferred interview date.

Our interview cycles

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve made some adjustments to our hiring process for Fall 2020 (September to December) and Winter 2021 (January to April) work terms.