WaterlooWorks integrated webcam feature

With so much of today’s hiring happening remotely, we have launched our WaterlooWorks integrated webcam feature that makes it easier than ever to conduct your interviews online, without all the coordination!

With this functionality, you won’t have to set up individual interviews, use third-party software to generate links, or liaise with each student individually to coordinate or troubleshoot your webcam interviews. Instead, you’ll just choose your candidates to create an interview schedule in WaterlooWorks, they’ll select a timeslot from the options provided, and you’ll be sent ONE link to access each interview directly from your browser - no logins or third-party software needed. It’s that simple! 

Some other features of the integrated webcam functionality include:

  • One secure link sent straight to the interviewer's email that will give you access to your virtual interview room and list of interviewees (can be forwarded to other interviewers as well).
  • Ability to include multiple interviewers (we suggest 1-3 interviewers for the best interview experience).
  • Résumés and cover letters pulled straight from WaterlooWorks, so you can have a student’s application on hand during your interview
  • Embedded code editor to assess a student’s coding abilities
  • Embedded chat feature so you can send messages to your interviewees and our
  • For a full list of features, check out our video below!

We’re excited about this functionality and the benefits it can provide for our employers and students alike! If you'd like to take advantage of this exciting webcam technology, be sure to make your interview reservation early so you can choose your preferred date from the available options. This ensures that you’ll get the best support from our staff and also helps our students to plan ahead as they balance their interviews on top of their academics.

Take a tour of the WaterlooWorks webcam functionality

How to conduct interviews via WaterlooWorks integrated webcam

  1. Make your interview reservation as usual and select “WaterlooWorks Integrated Webcam” as your preferred interview method.
  2. For the best interview experience, we strongly recommend the following:
    • Use a laptop or desktop and avoid using mobile devices
    • Disable any VPN connections
    • Confirm your audio/video devices are configured and supported by completing a quick diagnostic test here.
    • Use the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or EDGE Chromium (find out which browser is your default here)
    • Please note: Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported.
    • We suggest that you limit your interviewers to a maximum of 3 people for the best interview experience.
  3. The day before your interview, you will receive an email that contains all the necessary details to host your interviews, including a secure link to your virtual interview room and list of interviewees.
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This link can be forwarded to any other interviewers (we suggest that you limit your interviewers to a maximum of 3 people to ensure the best interview experience).
  4. On the day of your interview:
    • Click the "My Online Schedule" secure link sent to you via email to access your virtual interview room and list of interviewees. This link can be opened directly through one of the browsers above.
    • The page that opens will show your complete interview schedule for that day and will serve as a virtual interview room with unique “Join” buttons next to each individual interview.
    • The “Join” button will become active 10 minutes before each scheduled interview.
    • Select the “Join” button beside your first interviewee's name to begin.
    • If the browser asks for microphone and camera permissions, be sure to allow them.
    • When each interview is complete, select the red “Leave” button to return to your list of interviewees, and select the “Join” button beside the next interviewee.
    • Please note: if you leave and re-enter an interview, the interviewee chat and code editor will lose all previously entered information.
  5. Once you’ve entered an interview, you’ll notice the following features:
    • Standard audio, video and screen controls that allow you to share your screen, mute/unmute your microphone, turn your webcam on/off and enter/exit full-screen mode.
    • Application package tab where you can view/download the interviewee’s application package.
    • Interview and job posting tabs where you can see information about your interview and related job postings.
    • Code editor tab which allows simple code examples to be entered and shared between interviewers and interviewees in real-time in a variety of languages (Note: code editor does not compile code and cannot be saved/exported after you leave the interview).
    • Chat panel where you can send messages to your interviewees or to our CEE Hub during standard hours of operation (Note: chat logs with interviewees cannot be saved or exported).

If you need help at any point while attending a WaterlooWorks integrated webcam interview, you can contact our support team using the chat feature embedded in the online meeting or contact the CEE Hub directly by emailing ceehub@uwaterloo.ca or calling 519-888-4026.

Hear feedback from other employers!

"This was an excellent experience. The schedule laid out on one page kept me on track and allowed me to close other applications like Microsoft Teams and Outlook."

"For me, the best part about it was that I saved so much time sending out emails and links to the applicants!"

"Great experience. The tool was easy to use, it was clear and everything worked as I would expect!"

"From beginning to end, this process has been seamless, with excellent guidance, support, and instruction. I actually feel very lucky to have been involved in this. Thank you."

"Students really appreciated the video interaction and I received 4 separate comments thanking me for the visual interaction."