Work term rating summary

Beginning in 2020, you will see a tab visible within each job posting, where students and employers can view work term ratings submitted by students over past work terms. This tab will also contain a Hiring History report for your organization.

This new approach to reporting allows students to provide feedback that lives within the WaterlooWorks system, rather than relying on public forums for discussion. These reports will also benefit employers, as they will be able to use the data to identify long term trends and make adjustments if needed. This transparency will benefit our students, who are increasingly connecting with each other for input, while maintaining privacy for both employers and students.

Here are some key points we’d like you to know about the reports:

  • Responses will only reflect ratings of the division and organization, not of the individual hiring manager.
  • Employers can find the reports in WaterlooWorks, either by checking a job posting or division information.
  • Reports are generated only once per term when the prior term’s input has been received. Any changes made after the reports are created will be reflected in the following term’s report.
  • Rate my Work Term questions and report content was developed in close partnership with representatives from student societies across campus, who are aware of the information most relevant to students.
  • Students and employers access identical reports.
  • The Hiring History section provides summary information about an employers’ co-op hiring history over the past nine terms.
  • The Work Term Rating Summary will be generated when there are enough student ratings to produce an anonymous rating. Reports are generated once five or more ratings have been received to maintain anonymity.

Questions our students are asked: