2017 Davis Centre Library renovation plans

The Davis Library renovation team has been working hard with architects from Walter Fedy and the Campus Advisory Committee. Guided by student feedback and the vision for the revitalized library, we have created a phase one plan that addresses the most critical issues.

So, what’s included in the plan?

Washroom renovation and a new universal washroom

This was one of the most common requests from students! The public washrooms on the east side of the library will be updated, including the addition of one facility in each of the men’s and women’s washrooms, and increased space for improved accessibility. We’re also adding a universal washroom, which will be gender neutral and accessible.

New student lounge area

The front area inside the library will be refreshed, and will include a quiet area with comfortable seating where you can take a break from studying and relax.

New carpet

To improve the aesthetic atmosphere of the Library, the worn carpet at the front of the library will be replaced with new, more durable carpet.

Relocated security gates

The security gates will be moved closer to the doors, opening up the entrance area and making it more inviting.

New Writing and Communication Centre location

The Writing and Communication Centre will have a new home that’s easier to find and access.

IST Help Desk, printers, stand-up computers, scanners and photocopiers

The IST Help Desk will move to a larger, more secure area, along with the technology that they service. This will keep noise-generating services and machines in one area - partially enclosed to ensure study areas remain quiet - while maintaining easy access to the Help Desk and printing.

Improved wayfinding

More consistent and visible signage will be deployed throughout the library to help you find your way to resources and services.

Your librarian will be easier to find

The entrance to subject librarian offices is moving, making it more visible and easy to find.

Please send any questions or concerns to our renovation team.