Library ambassadors: written by Almyra Popat

woman standing with goose

Do you find yourself at the library and looking at a particular bookshelf with the sign “Waterloo Reads”? Do you find yourself wondering what it is? Well, Waterloo Reads are books with popular titles that are purchased and selected in collaboration with Words Worth Books in Waterloo.

Books on shelf

When I was looking through the books of this section of the library, I ended finding the book “Crazy Rich Asians”. I did not know that this book was an actual book and thought that it was simply just a movie. After seeing this book on the shelf, I thought to myself that I had to get it! I went to the Circulation Desk in Dana Porter Library and asked how I would be able to sign it out. The lovely lady at the Circulation Desk informed me that I can check the book out and borrow it for two weeks. After the two weeks, I have the option of bringing it back or renew it, but I can only renew the book once. Waterloo Reads books are different than the books up in the stacks. Because they are popular reads, and many people want to read them, the books only get one renewal as opposed to the regular books in the stacks which have infinite renewals (unless they’ve been recalled).

I did not know that there was such a section at the library and every time I walk by, I make sure to have a look and see what new books are out. Another great thing about the Waterloo Reads section is that there is a section in the middle of the shelf that you can recommend a Waterloo Reads book. Once you have borrowed one of these books and you have liked or fallen in love with the book, you can get a sticky note and recommend the book for anyone else that walks by or decides to look at the shelf. You can also recommend books that you think the Library should purchase to add to the Waterloo Reads collection. How cool is that!

This is one aspect about Dana Porter and Davis Centre library that I would highly recommend. 


woman with goose