Library ambassadors: written by Amy Liang

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Hello all! I hope everybody is enjoying the term so far! My name is Amy Liang, and I am in my last semester of Honours Psychology. This is my third term working in the library but my first term being a Library Ambassador, and I have to say I have been enjoying it so much! It would be so hard to name one favourite thing about working in the library, but if I have to choose one, I would say it is the opportunities you get to interact with both staff and the students!

four women standingAs a library ambassador, you have the chance to work at a variety of events including: Academic Integrity events, the Bell "Let's talk" event, and so much more! I found every single event very meaningful in its unique way! Bell "Let's talk" events for example, as a psychology student, I found this event especially meaningful. During the events, you get the chance to talk to students and hear different perspectives on their understanding of mental health. Another part I enjoyed during these events is giving out chocolate and freebies! You will often find us standing in front of both libraries just to talk to people and give you candies!

two women standing at a tableFor every Library Ambassador, you are assigned to mentoring sessions with senior Ambassadors and library staff! It is an excellent chance for you to get to know the people you are working with! I found those mentoring sessions particularly rewarding as it is a pure learning process: My peer mentors, Dennie and Natalie, both gave me a lot of useful tips about the upcoming project I will be holding; Pree is one of the co-leads of the Library Ambassador program provided me a lot of career advice as I have a lot of interest in working for the library after graduate; I particularly enjoyed talking to my subject librarian, Tim. Beyond tips on career choices, he also provided me a lot of opportunities, one of them is the opportunity to co-instruct in a 300-level Psychology class on research topics. I enjoy working and talking to those fantastic people so much, I found myself looking forward to every single shift!

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I really like this job working with my fellow Library Ambassadors not just because everybody is so friendly but everybody is enjoying their job so much! It is beyond just working, it is making friends and just hang out!