Library ambassadors: written by Amy Liang

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Hello everyone, hope everyone is enjoying our “finally here” summer ୧(๑•̀⌄•́๑)૭✧!

My name is Amy and this is my second term being a Library Ambassador. Some updates about myself: I graduated! I just finished my Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Minoring in Human Resource Management. My research area is in Psycholinguistics and topics related to Second Language Education.  Besides academics, I am also very interested in helping our peers and student engagement.

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Having worked in the Library Ambassador program for almost two terms, I think I have not only became more comfortable and skilled at working at our events and handling different tasks, but also have generated reflection from the job towards myself, and library as a workplace for student staff.

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Let me start by talking about the aspect of this program I appreciate the most as a student staff member – the experience of being in a real workplace. I happened to have this conversation with one of our Online Learning Consultants during an event recently about the gap a lot of students feel after finishing their degree – the gap between schooling and real workplace. And I think this is what the University of Waterloo Library has done well to benefit student staff. This is evident not just for our Library Ambassador program, but also all the other student staff positions that bridge the gap to help us gain knowledge and experience in a real workplace. I think the Library Ambassador program in particular is very advantageous as we have a lot of chances to practice many transferable skills that we will use in the future careers and workplaces. For example, hosting themed events practices our skills in customer service and communication; our term project helps us to articulate our project management skills as well as interpersonal skills while we are collaborating with other departments.


Working in the library, I find myself being trusted and supported by everyone! Especially for our Ambassador term projects, we have a lot of freedom creating events that we are very passionate about! For example, as a Psychology graduate, I care a lot about my peers' mental health. And for my upcoming event on June 20th, I get the chance to collaborate with UWMATES to help students become better informed about the services that UWMATES provides. There will also be refreshments and freezies during the event! Make sure to stop by Dana Porter Library Lobby to grab some snacks and learn more about mental health!


Okay, I think I have talked enough! Everyone have a great summer! See you at my event!!!