Library ambassadors: written by Anna Quijano

woman and goose

My name is Anna Quijano and I am proud to say I am entering my second term as a Library Ambassador for the University of Waterloo Library! I’m in my 2A year, studying English Literature and a candidate for a Bachelor of Arts honours degree. I absolutely love my job here because of so many reasons, but really what makes working for the library so great are the amazingly talented and kind people I work with.

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Now I’m not saying my second year has gone without any bumps in the road. But really, being a Library Ambassador and knowing I have a great supervisors like Mary Lynne and Pree, and wonderful coworkers to look forward to really perk me up on down days. I especially enjoy when we are assigned to have photo shoots which promote the library services together. It’s so much fun walking around and exploring campus with a bunch of friends which share the same enthusiasm!

six women standing with goose

I think that everyone who has a genuine passion for being at the University of Waterloo should apply to become a Library Ambassador. I started out at this position in the Winter term of my first year and I have absolutely loved it since then. I not only get to help my fellow students learn about the many services that the UWaterloo Library has to offer (e.g. Special Collections Archives, phone chargers at the front desk, etc.) but I get to make awesome friends at the same time! For example, some of the returning Library Ambassadors were tasked with assisting on training day for the newly hired Library Ambassadors. We did this by running an amazing race around the Dana Porter where we had to find the location of specific special services and items the library has to offer. In addition to that, afterwards we got to eat and decorate little delicious cupcakes that my friend Dennie made the night before! It was the best day ever.

ten women and cupcakes

All-in-all, I think that if you have the drive to succeed, improve your leadership and communication skills, make new friends and promote the best school in the world, then you have what it takes to become a Library Ambassador.