Library ambassadors: written by Chelsea Davies-Kneis

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Hi, my name is Chelsea, and I’m a library enthusiast. I love everything about the library! I love finding new books to read, I love spending time with journals and periodicals (I’m also somewhat of a research fanatic!) — and I’m on an endless hunt for the perfect study spot. There are quite a few contenders…especially with the new renovations to the third floor of Dana Porter!

First, a little about me! I’m in my 4B term of Social Development Studies (hypothetically graduating this spring — yikes!), I do some pretty neat research, and I’m a TA as well! I’m pretty busy, but I’m so glad to be a Library Ambassador again this term. Last term as a Library Ambassador I was able to participate in some pretty awesome events, connect with students from all walks of life, and really explore the depths of the library system we have here are the University of Waterloo! This term, I’m a Senior Ambassador, which means I do some on-the-job mentoring, and have the great opportunity to be a team leader for a very exciting upcoming Library Ambassador event! Stay tuned for details later in the next few weeks!

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So, as I said already, I spend a great deal of time in the library, and I do quite a bit of research both for my classes and as a Research Assistant. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start, or if I’m taking on a new or unfamiliar topic, sometimes it’s nice to have some support. This is where Liaison Librarians come in. Did you know that UW has 66 subjects with over 23 Liaison Librarians? These wonderful people are each tasked with one or more subject areas that students at the University of Waterloo study, and they are an incredible resource. If you are having trouble with research or where to start in any particular area of study, check out this web page: . It has a list of all the Liaison Librarians at UW, what subjects they represent, and their contact information. Once you’ve identified who to speak with, send off an email with your question, or ask to make an appointment where you can sit down and work with your Liaison Librarian directly, and in person! They are truly experts, and endlessly helpful.

Aside from connecting with students and supporting their academic endeavours, Liaison Librarians also have a variety of other responsibilities; including collaborating with other subject librarians and faculty library representatives to keep relevant library materials and collections up to date, as well as acting as a direct link (e.g. liaising! Love new vocab!) between the library and the department that their subject(s) are affiliated with. This makes Liaison Librarians not only experts at online journals and digital research, but real, paper and ink books and periodicals as well. They would also be happy to give you feedback on completed assignments and grant applications! They will also often offer in class information literacy sessions, and give feedback during the process of adding or modifying courses in their subject area(s) of expertise!

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Liaison Librarians are passionate, hardworking and resourceful individuals who are truly unmatched in their helpfulness for students, faculty, and department staff at the University of Waterloo. Without their expertise and skill at curating library materials, supporting curriculum development, and giving the best advice to students the library and campus community just wouldn’t be the same! I would highly recommend connecting with a Liaison Librarian — you won’t regret it!