Library ambassadors: written by Dennie Park

Dennie Park-Library Ambassador

Hello! My name is Insun (Dennie) Park, and I am in my 3B term of Joint Honours Psychology and Science. I have been working as a Library Ambassador for three terms now. I really love the library and this job, and I am grateful to have been able to work as one for so long. I applied back in Spring 2016 when the program was just starting because it included both my love for the library and working on outreach projects. Honestly, it has been a rewarding experience so far and it has been really amazing to see how the program has developed over time. I feel that I've learned and grown a lot since I joined, and it's super cool being recognized on campus every now and then and being asked questions about my job!

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What's really unique about this position is that it really is so much more than most jobs. The library staff are friendly and helpful and always happy to chat or lend a hand, and so many of the projects are so fun we almost forget that we're actually working! One of the things I like the most about the program is the goal to enhance Library Ambassador's skills. Library Ambassadors get one-on-one mentorship meetings with a library staff member of our choice, and are given guidance and we learn how to be more self-driven. Library Ambassadors work on skills we have identified we would like to improve on, such as communication, problem solving, leadership, etc.)

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Every term we are encouraged to develop and lead our own student engagement project about pretty much anything we can think of. We are encouraged to follow our interests and be as creative as possible with our ideas. It's pretty cool because our varied backgrounds and interests have resulted in a wide array of different projects throughout the terms! From Harry Potter photo booths, blind dates with books, to mindfulness colouring projects, there really has been an interesting variety that reflects the passion of the people behind them.

Black History Month book display

My project this term, and hopefully the next as well, is a continuation of a series of book displays focusing on works by people from marginalized groups. I have been working with various organizations around campus and the general Kitchener-Waterloo area to get feedback, resources, and suggestions for my project. So far, I've worked with the UW Women's Centre, the Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity, and UW Black Association for Student Expression. Last term my project was a book display on Transgender Awareness Month, and we just wrapped up the end of February with a Black History Month display. At the end of this month (March), I will be working with the Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre for a display focusing on books by Aboriginal writers!

transgender awareness book display

I'd really recommend applying to become a Library Ambassador if you're interested! It's an Amazing opportunity with fantastic staff and plenty of opportunities to grow and succeed.