Library ambassadors: written by Kaitlyn Chorowiec

woman holding Canada goose

Hey guys, girls, and everyone in between! My name is Kaitlyn, and this is my first year of being a Library Ambassador. I’m currently in my 3A term of a double major in Psychology and Peace and Conflict studies. I really enjoy working with the library to help create an environment where students can feel relaxed – even while studying. While school can be very stressful, the events that the library hosts can help with that stress! Taking a break and playing a couple games during Library Day really helped improve how my day was going, and the free apples that the library is starting to give out are a very well needed snack.

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As a student and a Library Ambassador, things are bound to come up. Everyday there’s always something that needs to be done, a deadline that needs to be met, and things that we can’t control. We may not be able to control the things that happen to us, but we can control how we react and deal with them. Problem solving is all in the way that a problem is handled. Events may not run on time and due dates may approach before we can finish them. Don’t be afraid to challenge and push yourself – but also don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. As an Ambassador I know I can always rely on my coworkers to help me with whatever the task is. If I don’t know what I’m doing I can always ask for guidance or assistance, and they can work with me on whatever problem I have. Remember the immortal words of High School Musical – we’re all in this together! We don’t have to be alone in solving our problems, so why not ask for help?

people jumping in the air

With midterms fast approaching the stress is almost palpable in the air. While the library is an amazing place to study and find resources – it can also be a place to relax and de-stress. Each group of Library Ambassadors have to create a project for the students at UWaterloo. My group focused on mental health on campus and how we can help improve it in any way possible. We thought of many different initiatives but the one that stuck was Make Your Own Self-Care-Kits! On October 23rd come to either Dana Porter or Davis Centre (times will be posted soon!!) and create a Self-Care-Kit for yourself or a friend! There will be resources available, book recommendations, colouring pages, lollipops, and many other items to fill your or your friends kit with! This event is 100% free and 100% amazing some please come check it out – whether you’re making a kit for yourself or a friend it’s bound to brighten your day.

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School can be a very stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many resources available to us as students – we just have to look for them. And we don’t need to look too far, the library has many resources to help students with large projects or everyday tasks. If we can’t help with a task, then we know someone that can. Through being a Library Ambassador I have met so many individuals that are constantly trying to make the University of Waterloo a better place to learn, study, grow, and thrive. Come check out some of the resources we offer, whether it’s the Writing Centre, book recommendations, talking to your librarian, or even the IT desk! If you’re ever feeling stressed – try checking out some of our events! We always post them on our social media which you can find on our website (

Thanks so much for reading and if you see me on campus feel free to say hi!

-Kaitlyn :)