Library ambassadors: written by Leona Vuong

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Hi everyone, I’m Leona Vuong and I am in my 4A term of Honours Health Studies. This is my second term being a Library Ambassador. I was excited to return to the team for the fall term since the library hosts a variety of different events throughout the school year.

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As a Library Ambassador, you get to take charge of your own term project! These projects are designed to engage students and promote the library. I created a quotes game based on popular or common reads such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Le Petit Prince, To Kill a Mockingbird, and many more! I had the great opportunity to be a part of Library Day this term as it only happens in the fall. My term project was incorporated into one of the many games held at the Arts Quad beside the Dana Porter on Library Day.           

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Termly activities you’ll see Library Ambassadors host range from informing students about Academic Integrity in the form of quizzes at the Davis Centre Library and Dana Porter Library. We’re also by the entrance of the libraries during the beginning of the term ready to answer any questions you may have regarding library resources and services offered to students.

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One of the things I enjoy most about working as a Library Ambassador is that it doesn’t feel like “work” at all! I really enjoy getting to know the new Ambassadors and hosting events with them. It’s also exciting to interact with students from different faculties. Getting the chance to learn about their student experience and personally obtaining feedback from them is an essential part of making quality improvements for students from their input.

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I have also continued to improve my communication skills through the many activities we host to promote student engagement despite being quite shy myself. Feel free to drop by and say hi to any one of us at library events throughout the term!