Library ambassadors: written by Mariam Rizvi

Mariam and Scholar the goose

Hello UWaterloo! My name is Mariam and I am in my second year of Environment and Business Co-op, minoring in Economics. I wanted to become a Library Ambassador because I wanted to give back to the UWaterloo student community by promoting the helpful services offered by the library. The library is a place that plays such an important role in the achievement of student academic success. Being an ambassador has been such a great journey so far, as it allows me to explore all the different skills that I possess and gives me opportunities to apply those abilities through various projects and events.

The best thing about being a Library Ambassador is that it does not feel like a job. You get paid for something you truly enjoy doing, and these experiences build you more as a person. Being associated with the library and knowing the kind-hearted, enthusiastic, and genuine staff is an added bonus. One skill that I have greatly improved on as a Library Ambassador is public speaking. Representing the library at campus-wide fairs and events, managing information booths, and talking to students has allowed me to gain confidence in public-speaking and has given me the knack to answer unexpected questions in the best way possible.

Every term, each Library Ambassador gets to work on a term project of any theme that promotes student engagement. I am working on a Harry Potter themed photo booth along with my fellow ambassadors, Farhin and Jacque. This is taking place on November 21st at the Dana Porter Library, which I am greatly looking forward to. Event planning, working out logistics, developing props, and promoting this project has been fun and engaging. This experience has equipped me with great project proposal, management, and execution skills, which will last me a lifetime.

Another major highlight of this job is the Library Ambassador mentorship program, where I chose to be mentored by a liaison librarian. It was a great opportunity to talk about university struggles and successes and learn tips and tricks on how to overcome them. I also got to hear about my mentor’s stories and experiences, which truly inspire me do better in all my endeavours. 

I believe the skills that I have acquired through this role has made me a better candidate for co-op jobs, as well as helped me with the interviews that I have had so far.  This has provided great value to me and has helped me grow as a person.

Interestingly, I have gained more knowledge of the library services that I would not have otherwise known. This knowledge has already been of immense help to me in succeeding with my academics this term. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and will definitely continue to be a Library Ambassador for the terms to come!