Library ambassadors: written by Mariam Rizvi

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Hello UWaterloo! My name is Mariam Rizvi and I am in 2B Environment and Business. This is my second term as a Library Ambassador and I am extremely delighted to be back after being away for a co-op term. I wanted to return as a Library Ambassador because I love representing the library. It has changed my perspective from the library being a gloomy place to study or a place just filled with books, to a place that is so much more than that. Given the opportunity to return for the Spring semester, I did not think twice!

Being a Library Ambassador allows me to explore and enhance a number of skills, and gives me the opportunity to apply them in creative ways. These skills range from public speaking to project management to blog writing, this job is a complete package! I get to represent the library at campus fairs and events, promote the Office of Academic Integrity, learn more about the library and its resources, and receive mentorship by a library staff ranging from managers, supervisors to liaison librarians!

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One of the most interesting aspects about this job is that I get to work on a personal project that promotes student engagement that can be done anytime during the term. Last fall, two of my fellow Ambassadors and I worked on a Harry Potter theme photo booth along with trivia questions from the seven books. We developed a project proposal, created props for the photo booth, handled marketing and logistics, and executed a very successful event. I am happy to announce that another fellow Library Ambassador, Samantha, and I are bringing the Harry Potter theme photo booth back this term! It is more exciting this semester as it is the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book! This experience will definitely enhance my project management skills, and I am eagerly looking forward to working on it. 

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During co-op interviews, I found myself talking about the experiences and skills I gained as a Library Ambassador, and I believe that this is a great addition to my portfolio. Aside from adding to my professional experience, I genuinely have fun in this job. Interacting with students is something that I enjoy, and a main component of this role is engaging with them on a student-to-student basis. I can confidently say that I have grown as a leader, public speaker, and team player by being a Library Ambassador.

I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people through this program in the form of friends, mentors, well-wishers, and connections. The people in the library are some of the nicest individuals that I have come across, and I am so grateful that I was able to build good relationships with them.

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I encourage everyone who wants a manageable and fun extracurricular involvement right on campus to apply to be a Library Ambassador, because it definitely is a rewarding experience.