Library ambassadors: written by Mariam Rizvi

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Hello everyone! My name is Mariam and I am a third year Environment and Business student. I am also the Senior Library Ambassador for the current Fall term! I’m super excited to be in this role as it helps me challenge myself in various dynamics such as leadership, verbal communication and event planning skills.

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Having been a Library Ambassador for three terms now, I am thrilled to be a Senior Library Ambassador, and continue to give back to the Library. I get to be a part of fun events such as Orientation, Campus Life Fair, and Library Day, and get a chance to increase my mentorship opportunities and learn from all the amazing people associated with the library. I also get to mentor the new Library Ambassadors, which is a great way to reflect on my personal experiences with the library and develop the ability to pass on my learnings to the newer Ambassadors.

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As part of this role, I am the lead of a team of 5 Ambassadors and we are bringing back the Harry Potter Trivia and Photo Booth this term as part of our term project! This project has been loved by students in the past and is going to be bigger and better with more people on the team. We offer a chance for students to win Harry Potter themed prizes by playing our Trivia based on the Harry Potter books. There will also be fun props for a photo booth that students can take pictures with and post on social media to win a contest. This will be held sometime in the beginning of November, so keep an eye out on our social media accounts for more info!  

woman and goose     woman and goose

With three terms of Ambassador experience, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to demonstrate my leadership abilities now as a Senior Library Ambassador. Along with project management, team work, and interpersonal skills, leadership is paramount to making any project successful. The ability to take initiative and lead a project to its execution is essential to accomplish set goals and objectives, and I get to exercise this ability as an Ambassador. It is wonderful to have support from my fellow peers at the library, and I hope to utilize and build on my skill set as long as I continue to be a Library Ambassador.