What it's like being a Senior Library Ambassador: written by Mariam Rizvi

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Hello everyone! My name is Mariam and I am a 4A Environment and Business student. I am returning as the Senior Library Ambassador for the current Fall term! I’m super excited to be in this role as it helps me challenge myself in various dynamics such as leadership, verbal communication and event planning skills.

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Having been a Library Ambassador for over four terms now, I am thrilled to be to continue to give back to the Library during my final year of undergrad. Events such as Orientation, Campus Life Fair, and Library Day make this job so much fun. Interacting with students is something that I enjoy and value in this role. Activities such as mentoring, meeting library staff, and writing blog posts allow me to reflect on my personal experiences with the library and help me expand on my people skills.

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In my past terms, I have always executed the Harry Potter Trivia and Photo Booth project, which is very close to my heart and will remain as one of my fondest memories of undergrad. This year, my fellow Senior Ambassador, Maryam and I are running a full week of Harry Potter themed escape rooms taking place in both Dana Porter and Davis Center Libraries! This will be taking place during Thrive week, so keep a look out on the Library’s social media for more information on this exciting event.

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With four terms of Ambassador experience, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to demonstrate my leadership abilities now as a Senior Library Ambassador. Along with project management, team work, and interpersonal skills, leadership is extremely important to make any project successful. The ability to take initiative and lead a project to its execution is essential to accomplish set goals and objectives, and I get to exercise this ability as a Library Ambassador. It is wonderful to have support from my fellow peers at the library, and I hope to utilize and build on the skills that I have acquired through this role. As I said earlier, being a Library Ambassador has added more character to my undergrad experience, and I will look back at these memories for the years to come.