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It is our mandate, our objective, and our responsibility to ensure that University of Waterloo acquisitions and contracts are executed professionally, correctly, ethically, efficiently, and transparently.

What Procurement & Contract ​Services can do for you?

  • Procure equipment, supplies, and services for consumers.
  • Execution of University business contracting requirements.
  • Provide direction and council for various business situations.
  • Understand the Request for Proposal (RFP) process and help you with completing an RFP .
  • Project management for large and/or cumbersome acquisitions.
  • Provide market research and information. Access to suppliers, prices, products and specifications.
  • Provide traffic, customs (PDF) and taxes expertise and co-ordination
  • Source and maintain a number of travel related contracts
  • Provide a central contact and resource for outside suppliers.
  • Liaise with other institutions and government agencies.
  • Build and maintain a data library of University acquisitions and contracts.
  • Expedite delivery to University departments.

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  1. Sep. 30, 2016UofT Fraud Alert


    Sep 7th, 2016 | Posted In :

    The University of Toronto’s Procurement Services department wants suppliers to be aware of potential fraud activity in which an email is sent to a supplier requesting urgent delivery of goods to a non-University of Toronto location. The emails in question do not use standard University of Toronto email addresses and if a telephone contact is given, it is not a University of Toronto phone number.

  2. Sep. 22, 2014Dated Goods

    It’s that time of the year again; Daytime Planners are now available for 2015. Here is how you can find it online, or if you wish you can enter the following product number SMTMER025 and order it for free with your next order. For online version please follow these steps:

  3. July 2, 2013Travel
    Procurement & Contract Services has engaged Frederick Travel, to act as our preferred travel service supplier on a temporary basis, effective July 2, 2013.
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