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Dean Group is a professional search firm based out of Kitchener/Waterloo. We specialize in both contract and permanent recruitment.  Since 2008 Dean Group has been the primary vendor for providing temporary/contract recruitment services to the University of Waterloo.  We focus in the recruitment of:

  • Administration & Operations
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Industrial
  • Skilled Trades

It is our role to assist you in finding the right talent for your team when you need it. Through our recruitment process we interview each candidate in person and have the ability to assess our candidates on a variety of skill sets through a broad range of testing.

If you have recruitment need please give us a call and we can handle the rest! It is our job to coordinate everything from interview times, to first day details.  As a preferred client, all temporary (Administrative) employees working through us simply need to work 8 weeks on our payroll before they are free of charge to hire on directly with the University of Waterloo!

If you’re considering additional resources for your team here are some of the details that we will need to know:

  • How long will you need help
  • Hourly pay rate
  • A brief job description and the skills required
  • Your 31 digit account number for invoicing purposes

 Here is a sample of our university testimonials.

“A few years ago we had an urgent need to staff a few of our service areas on a temporary basis. We needed coverage to fill a gap in positions that were vacated. The Dean Group provided some excellent staffing. They were able to fill the gap quickly with competent reliable people. This worked out so well, that we had one of the recruits stay with us until we could create a new position and add an additional permanent staff person. I was impressed with the performance of all the temporary staff people we received.  I will do it again if we have a need in the future.”

Fernando "Chico" Silvestri, Manager Client Services, Plant Operations

“Dean Group has been instrumental in helping HR Operations find key staff that has assisted us with administration and HR transformation initiatives.”

Kim Snage, Assistant Director, HR Operations

“I would say that they were able to provide excellent candidates with the skill set we required.”

 Holly Gill, Payroll Manager

“I was first introduced to the DEAN GROUP several years ago when I had a short term need for extra assistance with my team. I was favorably impressed with how fast, easy, and painless the process was. Not only that, I received a truly excellent candidate who was available to start immediately.  Since that first experience I’ve utilized their services on multiple occasions and they have continued to meet the same high standard set during the initial hire. The combination of speed, results, and professionalism make it easy for me to recommend using the DEAN Group to meet temporary staffing needs – something I’ve done regularly in the past with the various hiring managers I interact with.”


Please consider us to assist you with your next recruitment need!

Your Dean Group Account Management Team,

Andrea Bender    Carrie Friar
Senior Search Consultant Search Consultant, Accounting & Finance
Dawn Wickham Jeff Durante
Search Consultant, Administration & Operations Search Consultant, Information Technology