Via Rail

Procurement & Contract Services has concluded negotiations with VIA Rail to secure a University of Waterloo portal to ordering tickets, and a 10% discount on all VIA fares (with the exception of Prestige and Escape fares). Be sure to consider VIA rather than renting a car and driving the 401 and to further reaches into downtown Toronto. WiFi is available on all trains in the Corridor. By following the link on the right, you can book your tickets online and receive your boarding pass by email. This will apply to all University of Waterloo personnel using said portal, regardless of embarkement location, or destination.

Alumni now receive a 10% discount off the lowest available fare (with the exception of the Escape fare) - just use discount code 710601.

The discount is available on seat sales, promotional tickets, and advance purchases and is valid on any train in any class of service system-wide (with the exception of the Escape fare and the Prestige Class).

Up to 3 additional passengers can travel with the alumni member (friends and family).

Business card and photo identification will be required when travelling.

Please note:

As of July 5, 2016 the discount code does not apply to the “Escape Fare”, if this is the fare you were choosing then it explains why an extra discount was not applied. The code is accepted as the sales go towards the total sales at the end of the year to make sure the discount level is still maintained.

Sorry for your inconvenience, your discount is applicable on the other 4 levels of prices.