Where are incoming goods and equipment delivered on campus?

In order to expedite the procurement process, most incoming goods are directed to Central Stores Receiving.

What happens if something is wrong with my order, e.g. damaged, missing or incorrect items?

Notify Purchasing immediately. They will assist in the necessary paperwork and interact with the vendor.

Central Stores

Unless otherwise stated on our purchase order, all deliveries of goods are made to our Central Stores Receiving - located at the rear of East Campus Hall building - 263 Philip Street, Waterloo.

Assistant Manager: Joel Norris

Shipping Information contact: Trevor Beatson

Receiving Information contact: Penny Stumpf

Surplus Sales contact: Sean KimpinskiĀ

More information on Central Stores Receiving.

Consolidating all goods delivered to one area helps to reduce the number of vehicles attempting to make deliveries around our campus adding to the safety of our students and employees, contributes to the rapid processing of your invoices and reduces the time required by our suppliers to make deliveries.

Central Receiving hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30a.m. to 4:00p.m.