Limousine Service

Please Note: Limousine and Taxi Services if booked for University of Waterloo faculty and staff, qualify as a reimbursable expense. Fees should be paid by the traveler and will be reimbursed via "Travel Expense Claim".

Limousine services

Preferred Service Providers

Rates are not provided here to protect confidentiality, and to reflect changes in rates based on availability.  Please contact firm with details for current rates.

Boulevard Limousine


Epic Limo Inc


To and from Pearson Airport $168.  Additional pick-ups or drop offs are $15.00 each.

Taxi services

The University's preferred Taxi service provider is Waterloo Taxi.

Booking & Requesting Quotes please mention uWaterloo preferred customer when booking in advance, ask for dispatch by phone 519.888.7777

Popular Flat Rates Trips

Popular flat rates trips

From To
Waterloo Campus / Cambridge Campus Waterloo Airport
Waterloo Campus Go Station Kitchener
Cambridge Campus Waterloo Campus

Flat rates from anywhere in region to:

Hamilton Airport - $110 Return $130

Pearson Airport - $110 Return $130

University of Toronto - $175

London Airport - $110 Return $130

Anywhere in London - $167 

To see complete list of services and fees at Waterloo Taxi web site or call 519.888.7777