Stay up to date on current travel restrictions on the University of Waterloo's travel advice page.

General travel questions and Procurement & Contract Services responses:

What is the rate per kilometer driven?

The University of Waterloo pays $.45 per km, with some limitations in terms of high km claims. See travel policy for specifics.

Will Procurement arrange for my flights or book hotel rooms on my behalf?

No, our expertise is negotiating the general contracts and making arrangements for the university as a whole. We have engaged a preferred travel provider named Frederick travel if you wish that someone make these arrangements for you.

Why is Frederick Travel the University's “preferred” travel provider?

In order to ensure that we have a supplier who is fully aware of University of Waterloo travel requirements, we decided that it was prudent to have a single firm who was able to manage University of Waterloo requirements with industry expertise.  A request for proposal was issued and an evaluation committee from all aspects of the University of Waterloo determined Frederick Travel to offer the most value for their fee.

How can I have my airfare expenses paid directly by the University of Waterloo?

If you use Frederick to book your flights, and use the “Travel Advance and Settlement Claim”, Finance will pay Frederick directly for tickets booked.

What can I use Frederick for, and how much does it cost?

They have a team available to aid in world travel, offering contacts and expertise for travel via air train and motel. They also have 24hr emergency assistance, worldwide. Frederick charges $45 per ticket.

What about all the additional charges when I rent a car?

With the contract that we have negotiated with Enterprise, there should be no add on insurance or any other type of additional billing, within Canada or the United States.

There is not space on our University of Waterloo Enterprise web site to put our 18 digit Accounting Flexfield?

No there is not, you need to provide Enterprise with that information when picking up the vehicle. If you provide a University of Waterloo account number, do NOT give them your credit card information for any reason.

Why is travel paperwork so difficult at the University of Waterloo?

As a public institution, we are subject to many rules and regulations in terms of accountability and reporting to various granting agencies.

Is travel at the University of Waterloo environmentally friendly?

No – it is pretty clear that any travel is inherently not environmentally friendly. However, we have tried to factor environmental considerations into each of our travel contracts.  The most environmentally friendly initiative you can make relative to traveling is to find an alternative such as a conference call, or Skype.

Can I use the University of Waterloo negotiated rates for personal travel?

On most contracts, our suppliers have offered to give you the very same price. Notably, VIA, Frederick and Enterprise will extend University of Waterloo rates to you.

Can I use my Purchasing Card for travel expenses?

Unfortunately, you cannot.  See note above about reporting.

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