Financial support

Financial support

Policy 31 ​University of Waterloo policy on reimbursement.

Employee reimbursement

Payment to employees for advances or out-of-pocket expenses
In its efforts to improve administrative processes the university will pay employees for advances or out-of-pocket expenses electronically rather than by cheque. The effective date of this change is January 20, 2003. Below is a brief description of the electronic payment process and definition of payments issued electronically or by cheque.


Once Finance receives an approved "Travel Advance/Settlement/Claim" or "Request for Payment" form, payment will be deposited to the employee's bank account within the normal processing time. The money will be deposited to the same bank account used by Human Resources for payroll deposits. In addition, the employee will receive a printed remittance advice indicating the purpose of the payment, amount and bank account used.

Electronic payment

Finance will pay travel advances or out-of-pocket expenses electronically to all full or part-time faculty or staff hired under a regular or temporary appointment.

Payment by cheque

At this time, Finance will continue to pay advances or out-of-pocket expenses to the following individuals by cheque:

  • A casual employee
  • A student (grad or undergrad)
  • Petty cash custodian receiving petty cash funds
  • An employee receiving an advance or reimbursement for a group of individuals 

During the transition to electronic payment if you have any difficulties please contact Ann Williams-Gorrie at extension 33157.

AMEX Corporate Card

The university of Waterloo utilizes the American Express Corporate Card which is available to all full-time university faculty and staff who travel or incur expenses while on university business.

Full-time university employees are eligible to apply for the corporate card and the application (PDF) must be approved by a Dean, Director, Chair or Department Head and then forwarded to the Finance Office where the card is administered.  The cardholder is responsible for all charges on the card and must pay the account when due.  The cardholder is also responsible for paying the Rewards Program fee annually if they wish to participate in this program. The university is not responsible for late charges to the account  and will not reimburse such charges to the cardholder.  The university accepts no liability for unpaid accounts.

American Express corporate card benefits

  • Car rental theft and damage insurance
    Automatic coverage for damage or theft on rental cars up to the full value of the rental car provided rental is charged to corporate card and decline the loss damage waiver (LDW).
  • Travel accident insurance
    $300,000 automatic coverage of accidental death and dismemberment insurance when a common carrier (plane, train, bus or ship) ticket is charged to the corporate card.
  • Flight and baggage delay insurance
    When you charge your airline tickets to the corporate card, you can receive up to $500 coverage for all necessary and reasonable hotel, motel or restaurant expenses when you are delayed or denied boarding for more than four hours. You can also receive up to $500 for all immediate daily necessary and reasonable emergency purchases, up to four days in all, for essential clothing and sundry items when your baggage on your outbound trip is delayed more than six hours.
  • Hotel/motel burglary insurance
    Provides coverage of up to $500 for the replacement of your personal items (excluding cash) if your hotel/motel room is burglarized providing the reservation was booked with the corporate card.