Travel agent

Procurement & Contract Services has engaged FCM Travel Solutions as the new preferred travel agency of the University. FCM has forged a strong reputation for delivering best in class services and is dedicated to the University's travel needs. We are confident that FCM will provide university travelers with the highest level of service in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner. For booking information please click here.

Many travellers may still have unused travel credits with Frederick Travel.  To contact Frederick Travel call #519-745-1860 or 1-800-578-8958 or email: or
In accordance with the University's objectives, we encourage all university travellers to utilize travel services from the university's preferred travel agency. By doing so, the university and its departments will be able to manage travel dollars more effectively and leverage the full buying power of an organization our size. Over time, valuable travel data will be obtained and used to negotiate discount agreements with airlines, hotels and car rental companies. This information is required by the travel industry before discount agreements can be negotiated. This data can also be used to identify travel patterns and recommend cost saving solutions.
The University of Waterloo subscribes to a third-party provider, Anvil Group, to provide travel assistance and advice for both University-related and personal travel.  Any travel that is booked with TCM will be automatically uploaded into Anvil Group’s travel tracking system. Questions regarding Anvil Group and travel tracking can be directed to the Safety Abroad team at