Accounts Payable

The university is committed to processing vendor invoices/payments efficiently and according to the payment terms as they appear on our purchase orders. However, the University can only pay in a timely manner if invoices are prepared and submitted correctly.

Accounts payable information

Please note: To ensure timely payment, invoices must be submitted according to the following instructions:

  • A separate invoice must be submitted for each delivery of each purchase order.
  • All invoices must include the five digit purchase order number.
  • All invoices must show the item code, quantity, unit of measure, unit cost and discount percentage as it appears on the purchase order. Special shipping instructions will be forwarded with each purchase order to vendors located outside of Canada. We recommend they be followed carefully to ensure timely processing at the Customs offices.
  • Invoices must not be submitted until goods/services are shipped/performed. As stated in the purchase order, suppliers can email their invoices directly to Accounts Payable to  
  • Invoices should include some reference to the Purchase Order number (if applicable) and/or department/contact name so that the invoice can be appropriately routed for approvals once it has been entered into our system.

Please note that we calculate cash discounts in accordance with the terms indicated on the purchase order.