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Each year the Procurement & Contracts Department works with thousands of requests to purchase millions of dollars worth of goods, services and equipment. With such a large volume, everyone benefits when University departments follow standard purchasing procedures. The purchased materials arrive sooner.

Why does the university have a central Procurement & Contracts Depart​ment?

Our goal is to provide quality goods and services for the University of Waterloo in a co-ordinated "best buy" situation. The Board of Governors has delegated purchasing authority to the University of Waterloo's Procurement & Contract Services Department - see Policy 17
Along with purchasing authority, Procurement & Contract Services is responsible for ensuring that all University acquisitions and contractual arrangements are in accordance with various trade agreements and follow Federal and Provincial Government rules and regulations. When finalizing your acquisition needs, Procurement & Contract Services assists with and verifies that:

  • Competitive bid requirements are met.
  • Tax status is appropriate.
  • Purchase is compliant with Ontario/Quebec trade and the inter provincial trade agreements.
  • There are no known conflict-of-interest problems.
  • Proper approvals have been granted, internally and with various government agencies (e. Canadian Space Agency, Canada Foundation for Innovation).
  • Purchase/Contract does not conflict with university policies or government regulations.
  • Services could not more appropriately be provided by a university department.
    • Furniture: The university has certain standards for furnishings. Purchasing will work with the end-user and Plant Operations should the request be for items outside of the policy.
    • Printing: Print and Design and related services are available through the university's Creative Services unit. Should you have a printing, graphic or design request, it is suggested that end-users consult with Creative Services prior to contacting Procurement & Contract Services.
    • Books: The W store is the campus' best resource for all book purchases. All titles must be purchased through the W Store unless the purchase requires membership to a professional association which will not sell directly to the W Store.

We are responsible for ensuring that University procurement process, and our relationship with our partners and suppliers is completed professionally, correctly, efficiently, and inexpensively.  The sooner we can be involved with your project/acquisition, the more confident you can be in a smooth and efficient outcome.

What services are provided by Procurement & Contract Services?

  • Procure equipment, supplies, and services for all within the university community
  • Co-ordination and administration of all university business related contracts
  • Liaise with other institutions and government agencies.
  • Ensure University of Waterloo is aware and in compliance with all government laws and initiatives and trade agreements
  • Acquisition project management within the campus, and amongst supplier base
  • Provide market research and information. Access to suppliers, prices, products and specifications
  • Provide a central contact location for outside suppliers
  • Form and maintain data and records of university acquisitions and contract