Sustainable Procurement

McWilliams Moving & Storage

Go Green banner

The University of Waterloo is currently under contract with McWilliams Moving & Storage for North American moving services. McWilliams is currently the top rated service agent for MOVERONE; the parent company to Mayflower Canada. Mayflower Canada has introduced to the marketplace the GO GREEN banner (on right). The GO GREEN environmental campaign makes them the first national Van Line to incorporate environmental programs and initiatives into their business model.

The GO GREEN commitment focuses on three levels:

  1. The in house initiative to Recycle, Reuse and Reduce in day to day business practices.
  2. Participation in local and community based environmental initiatives.
  3. Efforts to assist you, the customer, to GO GREEN in your new home.

Wood Wyant Inc for custodial supplies & janitorial paper

The University of Waterloo is currently under contract with Wood Wyant for the majority of our janitorial paper needs including hand towels & toilet tissue. These are composed of 100% post consumer recycled content.

See the positive impact this one purchasing decision has made on our Environment over a 12 month period (PDF).

Spicers Paper Products

The University of Waterloo currently holds a systems contract with Spicers Paper Products. Spicers has a variety of different options available for those interested in using paper products with varying degrees of recycled content at competitive pricing relative to virgin paper. Though these do vary in brightness, consider dedicating one drawer of your photocopier to Envirocopy for interoffice use. Instead of Tidal Multipurpose 8.5 x 11 Virgin Paper, choose:

Repro Plus Brite 8.5 x 11 with 30% post consumer recycled content or

Envirocopy 8.5 x 11 100% recycled content

For a greener experience, place your orders on-line at Spicers -

Contact Sheri Kropf: Sherri Kropf <> for on-line ordering set up.

Staples Advantage

The University of Waterloo participates in the OECM systems contract for its stationary products. Staples offers the University of Waterloo a best value solution. Staples also offers a variety of greener alternatives and environmentally friendly products in their catalogue. 


The university has contracted with Xerox Canada Ltd. for a fleet of multifunction copiers.  Xerox has a corporate sustainability commitment to the environment, which includes their Xerox Green World Alliance, a valuable recycling program that minimizes environmental impacts of printer supplies and provides options to throwing away empty containers.  There is also more information on Xerox’s multi-faceted environmental and socially responsible initiatives.