The University of Waterloo conducts business with many suppliers in a fair and equitable manner. This site has been provided as a guide for potential and current suppliers on University of Waterloo Procurement's business practices and procedures.

The University of Waterloo was founded in 1957. The University of Waterloo is one of Canada's leading comprehensive universities, with undergraduate and graduate programs in Applied Health Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Mathematics and Science. The University of Waterloo is one of seventeen provincially assisted universities in Ontario and offers North America's largest co-operative education program. Including its four Federated and Affiliated Colleges, the University of Waterloo's full-time enrolment is more than 30,000 students making it the fifth largest in Ontario and the thirteenth largest in Canada.

The university has over 1,200 full-time faculty and over 2,400 full-time staff located on its 1000 acres campus (see the map) in Waterloo.

Major challenges facing all Ontario universities in the coming years are increasing enrolments at a time when tuition fees and operating grants are highly constrained and intense competition exists for both human resources and goods and services. It is with the intent of gaining the very best value for the expenditure that we offer the following opportunity to the open and competitive marketplace.