In order to initiate returns, procure and fill out a Shipping Order. Please provide as much information as possible on the Shipping Order (quote, web address, contact name, phone, fax, e-mail, make and model number, reason for repair, whether the supplier has been contacted). It is also very important to provide the number of the original purchase requisition or purchase order. The Shipping Order should then be sent to Central Stores. If the purchase to be returned is relatively small, send it also to Central Stores. If it is too large, make sure that an appropriate description of the purchase and its storage details are outlined in the Shipping Order so Central Stores can pick it up. If there are any problems, contact Trevor Beatson at Central Stores. Please note, orders placed using a systems contract vendor should generally be returned using the systems contract requisition. The exceptions are: Chromatographic Specialties, Fisher Scientific, and Canadian Bearings - all of which a Shipping Order should be used.